IKRA is a school of innovations and creative thinking. We are changing the attitude of Russian businesses towards innovations, as well as popularizing creative thinking methods.

For over 10 years of work we have:

Everyday we:

create in-house agencies and creative teams inside companies, help develop innovative products, develop creative and business processes, engage in methodological development of creative and business processes, research into soft competencies, creative and team-building methods, develop and hold business games teach strategic disciplines, creative thinking and soft competencies at the IKRA school.

Work with us to be able to independently, quickly, and predictably invent and launch:

On top of that, you will get:

Methodological toolkit

We designed our own creative methodology. We provide an individual plan for the creation and development of an innovative environment. We provide the insights to help you predict the next step in your company’s development.

Cutting edge knowledge

We constantly analyze the market and the global context, look into the future of creative and innovative technologies and are happy to share our knowledge.

A team of professionals who are always there

We initiate and oversee all changes in companies: we conduct workshops, meetings, measure results. We become part of our clients’ business processes and together with them design work activities within the company.

We don’t work as an agency: we create in-house agencies within the companies we work with. Having completed the transformations, we stay in touch with the client and assist the teams.

The culture of innovation

Positive changes in the environment and the corporate culture improve the team’s performance: people get inspired, feel energized to find new solutions, they strive to invent new processes, products, and become more proactive.

IKRA’s client community

We introduce our customers to each other, hold meetings, invite them to become partners of our events, share our best practices and knowledge, and tell the professional community about our joint work. It helps our clients to gain additional PR, market knowledge, establish connections in the B2B and educational sectors and gain a reputation of an innovative company.

For 10 years we have been growing and changing

We have been opening and closing regional programs, launching and dismantling creative campuses, publishing books, installing platforms, coming up with projects and disbanding them.

We have grown multifold.

Our expertise in innovations has been a challenge for our competitors to keep up with. We have dived into each new topic about training and creativity, and we carry on doing that because we are driven by curiosity.

IKRA lives on trust

We are this way, because we have been through a lot together. We took our lumps and now we can help our clients about them. In 10 years IKRA has evolved into what it is today: a unique team of professionals who love and know how to work together everyday.

IKRA is a super-united team at the forefront of creative and methodological knowledge.

What’s more:

130 programs

accomplished in 2019

53 clients

Every other client

comes back to us and recommends us to colleagues
Hey, wasn’t it you who taught advertising? 🤔
Yes, and we still do!
But we also do creative consulting and launch creative agencies 😎

Our foundation

Creative methodologies

Audience research, product development strategy, branding, digital strategy, media and communication strategy

We put together different creative methodologies to find the algorithm that will help your company to deal with a specific task.

Research and planning methodologies

Audience research, product development strategy, branding, digital strategy, media and communication strategy.

We do not create in the vacuum. All creative processes that we help build are the result of the in-depth research into the audience, product, market. We also help to test products developed in the innovation sessions by using qualitative research methods.

Soft skills

Creative thinking, critical thinking, team building, communication

Сoming up with a breakthrough idea is a job half done. To create a truly innovative product you need to learn how to evaluate and select ideas, communicate them, and work as a team. We help you develop all these competencies to bring about changes in your company.

Development and launch methodologies

Business modeling, product solutions, flexible methodologies

How does an idea come to life? What processes need to be rebuilt, details taken into account, hypotheses tested? How to organize a team, create a portfolio of products, evaluate the effectiveness of launched innovations? We prepare answers to these questions using methodologies that help us reshape businesses.


We enjoy ten years of experience in teaching, consulting and working in the field of creative processes and innovations

Our curators are creative directors and general managers with more than ten years of experience. We work with IT companies, international holdings, product and creative teams. We train, research, create new things together. We have been collaborating with many of our clients for more than five years.


An account group is there to guide our clients through all organizational processes. Projects are supported even after their completion: we follow the results, advise creative teams, conduct mentor sessions, participate in PR campaigns and talk about how the innovative environment was created.


An innovative environment can only be created if there is trust.

Creative thinking and an innovative environment is a step into the unknown. Our clients make us a part of their business processes and trust our team as well as their own. Only in such conditions can something truly groundbreaking be created.


People united by the urge to invent

Community members accumulate their social capital by building new business relationships and helping each other. Curators, partners, clients, graduates of the School of Innovations and Creative Thinking IKRA is a close-knit community of people who dream of changing the world.


We work with national and multinational companies and have carried out educational programs successfully for 53 clients.


We have educational centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Minsk. We build a professional community by organising networking events for graduates, teachers, curators, clients from the three cities.

St. Petersburg