Innovative environment

It is an internal organization system that allows ideas to emerge, develop, and turn into innovative products. This ability to constantly update is key to the long-term development of your business.

IKRA builds and maintains an innovative environment for its clients in three dimensions: methodology, culture and processes.

Who needs innovation

The world around us is changing very quickly, and an innovative environment supports companies in a competitive race. To ensure that employees do not burn out, you need a special space in which it is easy to implement changes. It is safe, convenient, you can use it to reorganize processes, look for new business ideas and learn to solve problems in a new way. Building such a space alone is difficult. That’s why IKRA is there to help.

We help the companies that feel the need for change can see that old processes and approaches no longer work face new challenges that have not been dealt with before.

For example:

We work in the same way as we did five years ago, but ...

  • — performance has dropped,
  • — clients walk away,
  • — there are problems inside the team,
  • — indicators have got worse,
  • — everything works well, but it looks like we’ve reached our limits,
  • — I don’t know what the problem is!

We are fine, but ...

  • — it has become clear: we want to create on our own,
  • — it’s important for us to enter a new market
  • — competitors are clearly more inventive,
  • — we have decided to launch a new line of products,
  • — we want to optimize costs.
What an innovative environment can be like

An innovative environment in the company involves changes in culture, space and processes. The signs of an innovation environment are not gaming consoles and stylish coffee zones, but a clear organization of business, methods and technologies that allow creating innovations with commercial potential.

How we work

We divide the process of creating an innovative environment into 5 stages


2 hours

First briefing with IKRA to discuss undesirable effects that may impede the transition. We then draw up a diagram which clearly demonstrates the state of the current environment and the scope of work.

We evaluate how the situation in the company complies with key statements. Based on the results of the interview, we agree on a plan for the development of an innovative environment.

Organizational structure

The organizational structure of the company creates space for the creative process. Participants in the creative process can seamlessly convey their ideas to leadership.


IT resources are actively used in the creation, support and storage of the results of innovative projects and processes.

Time, resources and rules

The company allocates enough time, material and human resources to create new ideas, projects, programs, as well as to attract external specialists.


The values ​​and goals of the company are clearly formulated, described and shared by employees.


Employees effectively interact as a team in the process of working on innovative and out of the box projects.


Customers, users, colleagues perceive the company as innovative.

Methodology implementation

Whether it is new projects or day-to-day activities, creative and strategic techniques are systematically used, as well as soft competencies: critical thinking, collaboration and communication techniques.


The company often creates (and welcomes) new unconventional methods, approaches, experimental work formats and educational products.


All employees can follow individual educational tracks that use modern training formats (e-learning, blended learning) and involve both internal and external experts.


We use a chart to visualize the answers, so the strengths and weaknesses of the current process, as well as growth areas can become apparent.

Result of the assessment Result of the assessment

We use a chart to visualize the answers, so the strengths and weaknesses of the current process, as well as growth areas can become apparent.

Apply for an assessment, we will conduct an interview and draw up an action plan.

Development plan

2-3 weeks

Building on the results of the assessment, the curator and methodologist of IKRA:
— selects methods and approaches aimed at building processes, developing communication skills, creative and critical thinking, as well as corporate culture;
— creates an educational model for the company and a development plan;
— communicates the plan to all participants of the process.

We hold key strategic sessions, install the necessary IT software, troubleshoot with the team, draw up an organizational structure.

Program development

Methodists develop a program and draw up an implementation plan.

Team synchronizing

Together with the customer’s team we conduct strategic sessions inside the company.


From 6 months to 2 years

Stage 1. Getting to know each other

We explain why innovations are in demand and introduce the methodologies as well as the structure of work.

1-2 days

We hold a workshop for all participants, where we talk about who we are, what we do, how we will interact. We introduce people to the concept of «innovative environment», discuss what exactly should change, why, what the benefits for everyone are.

2 days, 6–8 hours each

We meet with key participants of the innovation process — those who will directly implement the changes. We discuss the development plan, organization of work, creative methodologies, expected results. We determine the appropriate pilot form of the innovation environment (laboratory, creative agency, etc.)

Stage 2. Setup

We solve specific problems in the most important areas.

6–12 times, 3 hours each

We work on the most important processes in small groups (3–6 people). With the help of creative methodologies, we solve specific problems: we launch advertising campaigns, develop creative concepts, customize the mechanics of work processes, etc.

We create a safe space for invention, we support the participants and help them interact.

Stage 3. Installation

Working on specific tasks in each direction.

From 6 months

Large-scale reconfiguration of the whole process: workshops, workouts with different teams, so that everyone has a common understanding of structure, purpose, mission. Assessment of the stakeholder team.

Our task is to create an environment where people will constantly develop and improve their qualifications, and will be able to solve work problems completely on their own.

At each stage, we analyze and measure the results of our work. This means we adjust the action plan if necessary, and you can decide whether to carry on with the experiment: the work can be paid for in stages.


Every 2 months and every 6 months from the start of implementation.

Every two months we conduct a mid test: we measure important performance indicators, and interview the participants.

Within six months, the company masters new processes and rules and goes into an independent mode of operation.


Every two months

After introducing an innovative environment, we continue to support the company and regularly conduct mentoring sessions.
What an innovative environment can give your company

An innovative environment has a positive effect on both business performance and the world around. We distinguish two types of influence: business impact (economic effect) and social impact (significance for society as a whole).

Business impact

Economic value

For example, of having your own in-house team. We draw up two business models and consider the benefits of creating your own creative and innovative team. The key indicator is the amount of money saved during the period of transition from outsourcing to in-house (two years in the example below). We take into account business’ particularity in our calculations, such as average market salaries of specialists.

Calculation example
Total expenses
10 000 000 usd.
Work with outsourcing companies
4 500 000 usd.
Implementing an in-house team
Delta Benefit (∆)
5 500 000 usd.

Having your own team is not only about saving on outsourcing, but also about increasing your own assets: developing your own services, teaching materials, community projects that the company can monetize on its own. With outsourcing this effect is difficult to envision.

Social Impact

Social value

The goal-setting system for employees combines their personal goals and the goals of the company. This leads to increased loyalty and boosts the employer’s brand value. We find out what is valuable to people by exploring different forms of capital. It allows us to make the work of your employees more efficient and reduce the number of conflicts in the team.

The OKR system (Objectives & Key Results) helps motivate people to achieve small everyday goals and to act transparently, improving business performance.

An innovation environment gives way to socially significant projects: when the activity of the innovator is aimed at positive changes in the world around him, his level of motivation increases sharply.

Many projects become more impactful and significant in an innovative environment, which allows the company to create new breakthrough products and generate more profit.

What is changing

We work with people who are ready for change and are looking for opportunities for business growth. We help companies build an innovative environment in completely different conditions.

I want changes

Do you strive for changes but don’t know where to start? Apply for assessment: contact us and we will conduct an interview and draw up an action plan.

Introducing an innovative environment, we carry out a range of activities: strategic and working sessions, business games, workshops.

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