We create a world in which every person is an innovator. We strive to create a space where any person could invent and contribute to the progress. We educate innovators: we provide them with all the necessary knowledge and insights.

Where did we get this knowledge?

We constantly research and analyze the market, study various creative, strategic, educational and business methods, monitor innovations in the pedagogical environment, as well as in the IT. We experiment a lot and create our own methods and approaches.

How do we improve our knowledge?

We study scientific sources and conduct our own market, audience and product research.

We work on programs for top management of large national and multinational companies with professional curators — art directors, CEOs, strategic directors.

What we create

New educational programs: online, offline, corporate, educational models of mixed format.

Innovative educational and creative products.

Practical techniques for different business tasks.

Areas of our research

  • 130
    programs accomplished in 2019
  • 134 days
    total duration of all programs
  • 53 customers